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Welcome To BARRETT Sprinkler & Drains


At BARRETT Sprinkler & Drains we can advise the best sprinkler system for your outdoors areas, and install the system with minimal disruption to your lawn. Whether you are interested in a new lawn sprinkler system or service for your existing system, provide the right services for your lawn.

Repair & Service

  • Lawn sprinkler installation
  • Spring irrigation start up services
  • Fall system flush out services
  • Ongoing maintenance services
  • Trouble shooting on irrigation system problems
  • Modifying and upgrading existing systems

Complete Lawn Sprinkler Service

Lawn sprinkler systems require periodic maintenance and repairs to continue to operate efficiently.
From minor repairs to troubleshooting and full systems upgrades, our team of professional technicians can help solve your irrigation problems.

Spring Special: System Check $ 65.00

Kevin J. Romine - Owner
License Number: Texas Irrigator 17610 - Phone: 214-475-1316