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BARRETT Sprinkler & Drains - Services

Irrigation Services Service & Repair

Sprinkler systems are great way to maintain your landscaping investment. Maintenance on your sprinkler system can be complicated so call us when you need a sprinkler head repaired.

Repair & Service

  • Lawn sprinkler installation
  • Lawn sprinkler design
  • Broken head repair
  • Sprinkler head and timer box adjustment
  • Rain sensor testing and repair
  • System renovations and updates
  • Water Supply Assembly and Repair
  • Valve Box Assembly and Repair
  • Irrigation Line Assembly and Repair
  • Drip Irrigation Assembly and Repair
  • Irrigation Winterization and Spring Activation
  • Temporary Drip Irrigation System Assembly and Repair
  • Temporary Sprinkler Irrigation Assembly and Repair

  • Kevin J. Romine - Owner
    License Number: Texas Irrigator 17610 - Phone: 214-475-1316

    Spring Special: System Check $ 65.00